Many customers call and ask questions about our management practices.  The following may not work for every beekeeper, but here are some practices we suggest:
        **Use Apistan®, Checkmite+Ô, Mite-a-WayII and Menthol packets for mite control, Fumagilin-B® to control Nosema, Terra-Patties® and Pollen Substitute or Pollen Patties (for building strong and healthy brood.) (follow label directions.)
    Ventilation is critical in the beehive.  Beekeepers have been improving ventilation by inexpensively modifying lids and inner covers, since the early 1900’s.  Use the  Crossflow Hive Attic Ventilated Lid and Inner Cover "See above" to reduce moisture buildup, or build your own.  Use Varroa Mite Screens to help reduce mite infestation.  Read magazines, go to meetings, talk to fellow beekeepers, be observant, and give your bees more ventilation.  Our passion is the health and comfort of your bees it doesn’t have to cost unnecessary money to be effective.  Good ventilation and the bee’s ability to move air and reduce moisture make a hostile environment for mites!
    Bees need a minimum of 1 deep & 1 medium or 2 deeps or 2 or 3 mediums for the brood chamber with 10 frames or 9 frames of drawn comb with 9 frame spacers.  Use a ventilated inner cover with a ventilation notch in each end of the inner cover.  This is important to reduce moisture build up in the hive, especially in the winter (leave the notches up the year round for ventilation and winter escape.)
    In the early spring check for queens and proper brood pattern, replace any old black brood comb and frames that have an abundance of drone cells.  Use APISTAN® strips, pollen substitute, Menthol, and feed 2 to 1 sugar syrup or corn syrup treated with Fumagilin-B® and Honey Bee Healthy™ (feeding stimulant).  Just before and during surplus honey production keep a plain grease patty on the top bars of the bottom deep.  For the grease patty use, one part Crisco®, three parts granulated sugar by weight; no antibiotics!
    Mid September to October remove honey supers, install entrance reducers, Apistan® or Checkmite+™ Strips and place a Terra-Patty® on the top bars of the bottom deep.  If needed feed 2 to 1 sugar syrup or corn syrup treated with Fumagilin-B® and Honey Bee Healthy™ (feeding stimulant).
    During the winter months hives should be tipped to check weight every thirty days, more often during warm winter weather to be sure the hives have plenty of honey.  Take note of light hives, and feed granulated sugar on the inner cover or give them sugar syrup or corn syrup treated with Fumagilin-B® and Honey Bee Healthy™ (feeding stimulant)..  Always use pollen substitute when the bees are low on pollen stores.
Always follow label directions!